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My dream is to put out music that I’d want to dance to!  Over a decade ago I bought the gear, signed up for music classes at Sonic Academy, and went to work.  I’ve been putting out a CD each year since.  About a third of these tracks are the result of successfully recreating Sonic Academy projects.


I hope you enjoy!


Officer Wes

2022:  I Want to Be

I Want to Be (Filtered House Mix) 15

15 © 2022 Sonic Academy Limited & Officer Wes

2021:  Second Chances

Second Chances (Main Room House Mix)14

14 © 2021 Sonic Academy Limited & Officer Wes

2020:  You Call Me

You Call Me (Garage House Mix)13

13 © 2020 Sonic Academy Limited & Officer Wes

2019:  Ubiquitous

1.    Ubiquitous12

2.   Ubiquitous (Jungle Drums Groove Mix)12

12 © 2019 Officer Wes

2018:  First Contact

1.   First Contact (Berlin Dub Remix)11

2.   First Contact (Deep Melodic Remix)11

3.   First Contact (Dark & Deadly Remix)11

4.   First Contact (Textural Techno Remix)11

5.    First Contact (Techno Resurrection Remix)11

6.   First Contact (Techno Transmission Remix)11

11 © 2018 Officer Wes

2017:  Funky 2017

1.   Get Down10

2.   Just a Taste10

3.   Funk You10

10 © 2017 Officer Wes

2016:  Be With Me

Be With Me9

9 © 2016 Sonic Academy Limited & Officer Wes

2015:  ti amo

ti amo8

8 © 2015 Officer Wes

2014:  Frozen


7 © 2014 Sonic Academy Limited

2013:  Officer Wes:  The Remixes

1.   Elaine and Jordan -- Jordan Is Coming to Town6

2.   Ella Fitzgerald -- So In Love Electro Progressive6

3.  Village People -- Macho Man Officer Wes remix6

4.  Officer Wes -- Future Progressive Trance6

5.  Paul Simon -- 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover Officer Wes remix6

6.  Ella Fitzgerald -- So In Love Electro Progressive B Officer Wes remix extended cut6

7.  Village People -- Macho Man Toot Toot Beep Beep Officer Wes remix6

6 © 2013 Officer Wes

2012:  Twenty Twelve

1.     Hades' Dancefloor5

2.     Hades' Dancefloor II5

3.     Live Lounge5

4.     Plan B5

5.     Working Title5

6.     Nu Gaze4

7.     Deep House4

8.     Puremagnetik5

9.     Bouncy Tech House4

10.  Progressive House4

11.  Love Is a Hurricane4

12.  Tech Trance4

13.  Live Lounge Extended Cut5



14.  Heavenly Morn5

4 © 2012 Sonic Academy Limited

5 © 2012 Officer Wes

2011:  Sister Ignatia’s Cross

01.  Nu Disco2

02.  Bumblebeat3

03.  Euphoria3

04.  Booty Bump3

05.  Magic3

06.  Disco Tech2

07.  Kraftwerken3

2 © 2011 Sonic Academy Limited

3 ©  2011 Officer Wes

2010:  Freeway Drifting

Freeway Drifting1

1 © 2010 Officer Wes


Musical life before branching off to create my own:

Dance music has always thrilled me in that special way that makes me want to dance!  I started intensely seeking out and buying the songs I heard.  Eventually my collection grew to about 1200 twelve inch dance singles.


In college I began a 90-minute series of dance tapes called Disco Ho!TM  There were over 60, with few repeats, when I began mixing digitally for CD format:


Ho Ho HO!

was the first digital mix from this collection, created in 2003, a collection of great dance songs mixed beautifully, named with a nod to the dance tapes that preceded it.


ManDanceTM:  1977 - 1982

is a 2-CD set with 22 dance favorites from 1977-1982 that collectively capture the unbridled, ecstatic energy of that period.


ManDanceTM II:  1975 - 1982

is a followup to ManDanceTM with more dance favorites from that era.


ManDanceTM:  House Blend

is an uptempo blend of house and other contemporary dance songs with lots of rhythm and few words.


ManDanceTM:  Big Beautiful Love Machine

is a fun, perky collection.



…is a compilation of dance songs all about love and desire -- attachment.


Bronski Beat & The Communards:  The Officer Wes ’86 Mix

…is perhaps my favorite all-around mix on many levels.  Plaintive, ethereal, driving, gay; it showcases some beautiful work.


I found discogs: Music Database and Marketplace quite helpful when filling in some information lacking in my iTunes library.

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