ManDanceTM:  Big Beautiful Love Machine


This ManDanceTM followed months of Sturm und Drang while Tom and I went through the process of separating and divorcing.  So it was my explicit intent to gather fun and perky music.  This mix starts at about 120 beats per minute and heads up to 130.


Love Machine by Houston-based Machine in Motion kicks things off.  The title for this ManDance TM comes from a sampled quote used at the beginning and end of the remix version.


Don’t Stop That Crazy Rhythm is one of my all-time favorite songs.  Rodney and I were dancing at The Trocadero in San Francisco around 1982 when the D.J. played this.  The crowd had such a good time they paused when it was done and applauded the D.J.


Lipps Inc appears again, this time with All Night Dancing.  I love the 24-hour recap of its main lyric:  “All night dancing.  I think about it all day long.”


Magnifique appears again, this time in the wonderfully campy vocal version for John.  Its joyful playfulness wraps up the mix nicely.




Machine in Motion

Love Machine Remix


Modern Romance

Don’t Stop That Crazy Rhythm (12”)



I Love My Radio (Midnight Mix) (12”)


Fun Fun

Color My Love (12”)


Michael Zager Band

Let’s All Chant (Disco Version)


Phyllis Nelson

I Like You (12”)


Lipps Inc

All Night Dancing


Yazz and the Plastic Population

The Only Way Is Up (12”)



Be Near Me (12”)



Music That You Can Dance To (12”)


Vivien Vee

Give Me A Break (12”)



Magnifique Part I

© 2004-2008 by Officer Wes